about us

Who We Are

Always Community is a new charity established June 2020. Very much of the mind that sustainable community change and development can only come through the integrated involvement of the diverse grassroots communities we serve as delivery agents or partners in the implementation and cultivation of needs led community development. It is for this reason the charity was called ‘Always Community’. We want to ensure that the benefits of our work not only impact socially on the diverse communities we serve but also, where possible, economically as part of an integrated community development strategy.

We recognise that our true capacity and impact is in the breath of our ability to build, our delivery capacity, from the communities we serve. This we believe is one of the best ways that we can demonstrate or give a true reflection of being ‘Always Community’ which is the umbrella of our values are based under.

Our Story

How it all started

Always Community came about as a result of our informal grassroots community consultation (discussions, voluntary sector experience, grassroots community engagement) which has collectively allowed us to gain a wider understanding of the strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures of community development. The above also reflects over 20 years of staff and trustee experience working in the public and voluntary sector in various settings engaging and supporting diverse grassroots communities. It was primarily the above experience that informed our practice and value of the varying needs of the communities we serve. It is for this reason, needs led, ground level support and development, community assets, the unlocking of untapped community skills and abilities and sustainable development came to play a core feature in the shaping of the aims and objectives of the charity. It was also for this reason the name of ‘Always Community’ came about as the most fitting name for the charity as at the core of our work is a central theme of not to or for the community but with or by the community.

The above collective experience also allowed us to gain a wider understanding of methods of diverse community engagement and research, community enterprise, capacity building, social capital, community wellbeing and the strengths of commonality within diverse communities (Community Cohesion). This is the platform that formed the charity and we continue to use the above experience and our ongoing personal development to ensure that we consistently remain ‘Always Community’ orientated in the work that we do.

Our core values

Diverse Grassroots Sustainable Development

Through the support and development of ground level community projects that cultivate meaningful change.

Social and Economic Development

In the development and support of ground level Community Enterprise initiatives.

Needs led Initiatives

That respond to and incorporate ground level needs

The Unlocking of Untapped Community Skills

In the creation of opportunities that tap into and unlock the hidden skills and abilities of local communities